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Penguin Seat Pedestals

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We have a wide selection of Marine Seat Pedestals ranging from Electric, Gass, Manual, Through the Floor and Fixed. We also supply the seats, bases and plates and sliders for all our Pedestals.

You will see we have the ranges split into sections so its easier for you to veiw. If you know which range you are looking just click the link below;

 1. Electric
 2. Gas Powered - Top Family
 3. Gas Powered - Standard Family
 4. Manual - 1 Handle
 5. Manual - 1 Handle - Removable
 6. Manual - 2 Handle
 7. Manual - 2 Handle - Through The Floor
 8. Fixed Height - Dia. 80mm
 9. Fixed Height - Dia. 80mm - Removable
 10. Chairs
 11. Bases
 12. Plates & Sliders

Material of construction
All of our pedestals are made of the high grade marine alloy "ANTICORODAL", which has better resistance to weathering and salt water corrosion than other light alloys

All of our pedestals are dipped anodised. The cast bases are treated twice; firstly by being blasted with steel balls to close the pores of the casting after which they are anodised. The resultant finish is a brilliant finish with an extraordinary resistance to corrosion.

The removable pedestals know as "post systems", do no have mechanical fixings, but consist of one precise taper dropping into a matching taper. Our advanced technology ensures that there is a tight fit eliminating movement between base and post.

End guard
The ends of the tubes are sealed with a rigid plastic cover that prevents deformation damage if the tube is accidentally dropped. Maintining shape preserves fit and therefore rigidity.

Clamping system
The different clamping systems for the telescopic pedestals have all been studied in detail to limit surface scraching on the tubes in order to preserve the perfect finish.

Low friction bushes
The inner tube of all our telescopic pedestals runs in a plastic bush that avoids wear and tear on the friction points arising from both the rotating and up and down movement.

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