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Penguin Marine Taps & Showers

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Taps & showers on board your boat are one of the things that everybody notices. We offer good quality marine chrome on brass taps specifically designed for use while sailing. We have a range of marine taps to suit everybodies own style and needs, whether you would like a folding spout, pull out shower head or a water saving device. We also have a large range of marine showers with small bore hose to reduce the water flow. We also sell replacement parts for our products in the event of anything going wrong over time.

Please note: This data is given in good faith for general guidance, based on the information available to us at publication. If a particular feature or dimension is critical to you, please tell us, and we can confirm the detail in writing.

You will see we have the ranges split into sections so its easier for you to veiw. If you know which range you are looking for click the link below;
 1. New
 2. One Handle - Rubik Family
 3. One Handle - Kappa Family
 4. One Handle - Beta Family
 5. One Handle - Eta Family
 6. One Handle - Theta Family
 7. One Handle - Gamma Family
 8. One Handle - MI Family
 9. Pull Out Shower - One Handle
 10. Pull Out Shower - Traditonal
 11. Traditional - Mixers
 12. Traditional - One Hole Taps
 13. Traditional - Sub Compact Mixers
 14. Traditional - Sub Compact - Shower Controls

 15. Traditional - Sub Compact - Taps
 16. Thermostatic
 17. Fold Down - Taps
 18. Fold Down - Mixers - Two Handles
 19. Fold Down - Mixers - One Handle
 20. Fold Down - Shower Controls
 21. Fold Down - Faucets
 22. Showers - Cockpit
 23. Showers - Basin
 24. Showers - Rails
 25. Showers - Straight Shower Handles
 26. Showers - Elbow Shower Handles
 27. Shower Controls - Mixers
 28. Showers - Taps
 29. Accessories
 30. Replacement Tap Cartridges
 31. Chrome Brass Hoses
 32. Heavy Duty Hoses
 33 Plastic Hoses with Chrome Spiral
 34. Reinforced Plastic Hoses - Black
 35. Reinforced Plastic Hoses - White
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