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How to buy my table pedestal

How to Choose a Barka Table Pedestal

Barka table pedestals come in fixed and adjustable versions and with a considerable range of heights and mounting systems.

Broadly speaking, they can be fixed in height - see removable table pedestals, or they can be adjustable either manually, with gas pressure or electrically.

Why adjust the height?

Although we supply many pedestals to fulfil a single function, an adjustable or removable set-up is a great way to make best use of the limited space available on your boat. Height adjustment lets you convert a dining table to a coffee table, from a table to a bed or somewhere to put your feet up. Some of our removable systems allow you to move a table from one place on a boat to another, so you can choose to dine alfresco or in air conditioned comfort.

When combined with a sliding table base, you get the added convenience of being able to effortlessly slide the table top out of the way in a tight space, or adapt the dining setup for different sized guests – luxuries that few of us enjoy at home!

How adjustable are they?

This will depend on the design. Our post systems are fixed in length, but they can be purchased in any size and can be interchanged.

The normal adjustment range is around 430mm (from the floor to the top of the table base) to around 740mm . Our protruding designs however can take advantage of space below floor level to reduce the minimum height to around 200mm and a maximum height of around 1m is also possible.

What is the “stroke"?

The “stroke” is simply the maximum range of adjustment, so for example, a pedestal that extends from 475 to 800mm has a stroke of 325mm.

Manual, gas or electric adjustment?

A manually adjusted pedestal requires you to lift the full weight of the table into position and you will need to support its full weight while it’s being lowered, so this could be a two-person job.

A Barka gas pedestal has a lifting force of around 30kg to help raise the table and provide support as it is lowered.

Barka electric table pedestals come with a 12V or 24V power supply and a capability to lift up to 80kg. For particularly large tables, two, three or even four pedestals can be deployed and they will be supplied with an encoder to synchronise their movement. They can be stopped at any position within their stroke range. You’ll need a 3 position switch (up/down/return to zero) which is not included. Electric pedestals are designed for normal indoor and outdoor marine environments but must not be pressure washed as this can force moisture into the components.

How to support a bed

If you intend to support a bed using a single pedestal of any type, it is essential that you fit additional support, typically in the form of wood or metal trims on the surrounding seat coamings, to create a ledge for the table to rest upon. If due to the design of your boat this isn’t possible, you’ll need to choose between a twin POST SYSTEM, twin manual pedestals or a twin electric setup and maybe some additional reinforcement for the table - think of the leverage that the weight of a person on the edge of a table will impart on the fixings. Gas pedestals are not suitable for use in pairs.

Bed conversion using POST SYSTEM pedestals

Barka POST SYSTEM products are an ideal and inexpensive way to convert a table to a bed. All you need to do is simply swap the long post(s) for the shorter version(s) and find somewhere to tuck the spare post(s) away for the night. To work out the length of your posts when seated in their bases, please refer to the POST SYSTEM product page. The height of the post in “bed” mode needs a little thought if you want it to sit level with your adjacent seating. If you are fitting trims to your seat coamings, make sure you offer up the table with the post in situ and then fit the trims to ensure the table sits nice and level.

Bed conversion with adjustable pedestals

First and foremost, you need to make sure the MINIMUM height of a telescopic pedestal is low enough to achieve the desired bed height. The chances are that you’ll need a PROTRUDING design to achieve this, but you will need space under the floor. If you don’t have space under the floor, consider a two-stage electric pedestal which, depending on the model, can compresses to as low as approx. 300mm above the floor.

Deck Bases

Removable POST SYSTEM table pedestals can be either be purchased with a conical shaped base, which is simply screwed to the floor, or they can have a recessed base which needs a hole cut into the deck of approx. 100mm width and 70mm depth. Please check the relevant diagram for current specifications. Recessed bases can be fitted with a blanking plug for a near-flush fit when not in use.

Pedestals with underfloor protrusions are a special design that provide a particularly large stroke and a low minimum setting, which can be useful for low bed heights. You will need a certain amount of space below the floor or to allow part of the pedestal to project downwards. Check the specifications to make sure you have enough space under the floor.

Apart from the above, the bases are permanently affixed to the table leg.


We cover every base! Choose between:

Circular, for small to medium tables

Rectangular or x-shaped to provide a wider support area

Slider plate – allowing the table to slide in and out by around 285mm to improve access or save space.


We believe our information is accurate but designs and factory processes may change without notice so they can’t be guaranteed. If you are working to critical dimensions and have a particular concern, please get in touch and we’re always happy to help.