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Motorhome and Campervan

Penguin Motorhome, Campervan & Horsebox Solutions

Enhance your build or conversion with the best marine standard equipment

The challenge to optimise plumbing and storage space has driven our manufacturers to develop a range of clever solutions to suit every motorhome and campervan project. Our taps, cookers, sinks, wastes, pedestals and water heaters come in a mind-boggling range of designs that you won’t find through the mainstream plumbers’ merchants. Built to survive tough marine environments, the quality often far exceeds the standard equipment fitted by production motorhome builders.

Rectangular, circular, oval, polished or satin, made from a thick gauge of stainless steel and shaped towards the outlet to facilitate complete drainage.

Sink wastes
Trying to plumb a sink into a tight space? Our little elbow fitting is something of a life-saver! See more plumbing solutions here

Taps and showers
Combination tap-shower units are amazingly versatile and some have water-saving features to minimise wastage.
A small hot and cold trigger shower in a neat outdoor recess is a neat way to hose off the sand or mud before you step aboard.

Gas hobs
Our stainless steel built-in gas hobs are made by Eno in France, who supply around 90% of the marine market and are highly respected in the motorhome world for their robustness and reliability. As the UK importer, we carry a full stock of spare parts.

Planchas and barbeques
While some outdoor cooking appliances survive a couple of seasons, our outdoor cooking appliances are built to last for a very long time, whatever the environment. We supply all-stainless charcoal grills or gas fired planchas for versatile, Mediterranean style cooking.

Barka pedestal systems provide swift and secure conversion from a table to beds. From simple swap-out posts to electrically adjustable versions and custom options, we have something to suit any project.

Our calorifiers (hot water heaters) are beautifully made by ATI in Italy, and Penguin has been supplying them to the motorhome and campervan markets for 25 years. Available in rectangular or cylindrical shapes to fit any size or shape of motorhome.