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Teak Wonder

Teak Wonder teak treatment will enhance the natural beauty of your deck without shortening its life by jet-washing or sanding. Unlike its more “aggressive” competitors it is not caustic, and does not leave any sticky residue.

Teak Wonder is chosen by a huge number of boatbuilders and refit specialists worldwide, which is a testament to the quality of the product’s effectiveness and the finished appearance.

TEAK WONDER® CLEANER removes the grey oxidisation and dirt in a few minutes with very little effort and without the need for sanding.

TEAK WONDER® BRIGHTENER is a lightening process: though not always necessary after TEAK WONDER® CLEANER, when used on aged surfaces it has an effect that seems miraculous: the teak immediately regains its natural colour  - just like it’s been newly sanded!

TEAK WONDER® DRESSING & SEALER is a safe and durable, non-oil based product which provides a pleasant golden colour without darkening the teak or producing that fake coloured look. It seals the wood, slowing the discoloration process and protecting against stains.

Teak Wonder stockists

All of the oils (not Teak Wonder) tested survived a month … What is more half of them started to show signs of decay… this was more evident for dressing that produced a darker colour… T-Jett silicon based Teak Wonder was clearly chosen as the best’ - American Sailor/PBO/Sailing Today

‘We are maintain yachts on behalf of our local owners and dealers, sometimes with a very quick turnaround during boat show season! Teak Wonder can always be relied upon to give a top finish to our client’s precious boats’ – Marine Valeting Services, Hamble, UK

‘I have been in the marine repair and surveying business for some 35 years and have used Teak Wonder extensively. I have seen the damage caused to fibreglass and deck fittings by some cleaning chemicals but I have never had such problems with this product.’


The best treatment for teak since 1973

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