LV40402720-C/15T/WD Stainless Steel Double Straight Sided Sink



Marine quality rectangular stainless steel 18/10 double sink with under surface flange.

Semi-gloss finish.

Flat flange C type.

Ideal for use in marine, high end domestic internal, external, catering and hotel, campervan and horsebox.

Flat flange sink.

  • Made of stainless steel 18/10, 1 mm thick for a sturdy and long lasting product.
  • Tight corners give a modern aspect.
  • The flat flange enables under surface mounting, maximising the available counter-top work surface.
  • The brilliant semi-gloss finish reduces the need of care.
  • The lowered draining hole enables water to drain off completely.
  • Suitable for 3""1/2 waste drainers.
  • Drains & wastes drainers available separately.