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P189HT/35/30/ Two Stages Electric Pedestal With Sliding Upper Plate, 12V


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Due to the large variation in this product range our pedestals and struts are produced to order with a lead time approximately of 3-6 weeks. Please check the specification with Penguin Sales Team on (+44) 02392 465607 before ordering as they can not be returned if incorrectly ordered.

Two stages electric pedestals with underfloor protrusion and sliding upper plate to adjust table distance from seating.

Built in polished, brightened and anodized light alloy.

  • Sliding upper plate with 200 mm of stroke to adjust table distance from seating
  • The generous size of the tubes and bases make it ideal for tables of large dimensions.
  • The two stages telescope enables to get a reduced minimal height, often necessary to transform a table in bed.
  • The protrusion under the floor further reduces the minimum height. Diameter of the through floor hole 200 mm.
  • Powered with 12V-10A or 24V-5A (on request) - Push 80 Kg - Speed 16 mm/sec.
  • The electric movement can be stopped in any position - Electronic control box included.
  • Operated with a 3 position switch (not supplied) (UP - DOWN and automatic return to zero).
  • The switch doesn't need to reverse the polarity as the power doesn't flow through it.

CAUTION! DO NOT PRESSURE WASH electric pedestals. Pedestals must NOT be subjected to water pressure because they may experience water intrusion and subsequent failure.

Pressure washing will invalidate the warranty for those products.

Supplied with electronic control box.