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BB.A.B.MIX1 ATI calorifier boat water heater thermostatic mixer kit


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ATI Thermostatic Mixing Valve Kit

This kit provides an easily assembled means of mixing cold water direct from the domestic water
pump, with the hot water from the outlet of ATI calorifiers, to give a constant mixed water
temperature that can be set by the user.

The kit consists of the following:
(1) Two Washers 1/2 inch
(2) One Hose in braided stainless steel
(3) One Thermostatic water mixing valve

The mixed water temperature can not be hotter than the water available from the calorifier at that time. The maximum through flow rate is 20 to 50 litres per minute depending on the domestic water pressure.
This kit can be fitted to any of the current range of ATI calorifiers and retrofitted to any of their products having the same water connections. With older installations it is worth checking with us to ensure compatibility. Do not use with other makes.