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E112040 Eno Origin 2 burner marine gas cooker oven no grill no ign


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  • Eno 8505 Eno Adaptor Pipe 8MM
  • Glass lid for ENO Grand Large / Allure marine oven
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Eno Origin stainless steel oven with 2 burners, formerly called the Eno One.

Supplied with:

  • 2 Burners - one medium and one large
  • Marine grade stainless steel, inside and out
  • Thermocouple protection - if the flame is extinguished, gas flow stops
  • Oven rack with 4 height positions
  • Gimbal axles and support brackets
  • Gimbal lock to secure cooker when not in use
  • 2 pairs of single bar pan holders

The entry level, no frills quality boat cooker designed with marine materials and built to last. The Origin is the recognised standard for thousands of production and charter yachts worldwide. 

Whatever the finish - traditional, or contemporary - Eno combines quality performance with stunning aesthetics to give you an oven that will fit in seamlessly in your boat or vehicle. 

As the UK importer, spares and support are at the heart of Penguin's business, so you can rely on your Eno for many years to come.

Optional extra: Glass lid kit to add more work surface area to your galley

Key Dimensions*

Maximum height from bottom of feet to top of pan clamps: 47cm                                             

Width excluding gimbals: 50cm

Width to outside of gimbal brackets: 52cm

Built-in width: 53cm   
(this is the recommended minimum space you'll need to allow for the gimbals and an air gap)

Depth front to back including gas connection and door handle: 44cm
(You will need room behind the cooker for gimballing: see drawings)

*For guidance only. Please refer to dimensional drawings 


Download Eno Origin cooker dimensions

Download spare parts diagram

Compare all cooker dimensions

Number of burner:
2 burners / 1 oven
1,75 kW - 2,5 kW /1,8 kW
Butan 28-30 mbar / Propan 37 mbar
440 g/h
Safety device:
No ignition
Pan holders:
2 sets
Stainless steel, galvanized steel
BrightPolish Mirro Stainless
Product dimensions (h/L/d):
430 x 515 x 485 mm
Built-in dimensions (h/L/l):
523 x 530 x 548 mm
Packaging dimensions (h/L/d):
505 x 560 x 520 mm
Net weight:
21,1 Kg
Gross weight:
23,6 Kg
Limited warranty:
2 years