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Electric Strut Thrust 350 Kg


£644.00 - £1,938.00
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Thrust 350

This product is made to order with a 2-4 week lead time

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Cylinder and brackets in anodized light alloy. Piston stainless steel. 

Designed for use in marine and other enviroments.

  • The push only version allows to lift the struts by hand in case of lack of power or breakdown.
  • Available as a pair.
  • Supplied with an electronic control box for each strut to control, protect against the overloads and 1.30 m power cable.
  • It's necessary to add a 3 positions switch that will automatically return to OFF state.
  • An acoustic/flashing movement warning is available on request.
  • Available for 12 or 24VDC power.

PUSH only & PUSH-PULL:  Supplied with “push only” or “push-pull” function. “Push only” allows manual lifting in case of power breakdown and is recommended for the opening of compartments with a unique access (engine hatches). “Push/pull” version is required if object to be moved, doesn't close of its own accord.  


ENCODER: Struts for installation in pairs, equipped with encoded electronics and control unit to obtain a perfect synchronization, even when subject to different loads. It is possible, where permitted by law, to store up to four different and independent end positions, pre-set by the user at the time of installation, selectable with just a short press of a single button. Can also be used individually when such a precise movement is required, defining a different point of start and arrival. Come with backlit push button control and programming. Optional extension cable of 2 - 5 or 8 m.

Available with strokes from 50 to 1500 mm.

Volt Peso
4C480/12   doppio effetto / push-pull   480 mm 12 V 4 Kg cod. 09.56.04801
4C480/24   doppio effetto / push-pull   480 mm 24 V 4 Kg cod. 09.56.04802
ES4C480/2/12 coppia / pair doppio effetto / push-pull encoder 480 mm 12 V 6 Kg cod. 09.62.04801
ES4C480/2/24 coppia / pair doppio effetto / push-pull encoder 480 mm 24 V 6 Kg cod. 09.62.04802